Collaboration Resources

We want to continue to encourage collaboration on the homeworks, even if we are not physically together anymore. To aid in that, we’d like to share a list of software and tools that will help make collaboration go as smoothly as possible. Here is a current list, but please send us your suggestions and we’ll add them here. We discourage the use of Overleaf to share documents, since it may lead to copy/paste and violation of our honor policy.

Type Software Link
Whiteboard DeadSimpleWhiteboard
Whiteboard Microsoft Whiteboard (requires subscription)  
Video Chat Zoom  
Video Chat Google Meet (through UVA)  
Video Chat Google Hangouts (non-UVA Gmail account)  
Video Chat Skype  
Video Chat Facetime  
Audio Chat Discord  
Audio Chat telephone  
Shared Document Google Docs  
Shared Document Microsoft Office Online  
Text Chat Gchat (inside Google Mail)  
Text Chat Older tech: email, texting, iMessage  
Group Finding Piazza (post!)  
Group Finding Discord (chat with others waiting for TAs)